Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from any child therapist?

I am not providing an environment in which the child or children can simply express their distress about their parents' divorce or ongoing conflict. I empower them to solve the problems they have the capability to solve and give them a sense that I will help them to address their problems with their families.

How is "divorce therapy" different from mediation or couples counseling?

Co-parenting is not easy when you love someone. But when that person has hurt you, and the relationship between you has broken down, the cooperation and respect necessary to effectively co-parent becomes really difficult. Pretending to get along only works temporarily. I attempt to help people strategize to improve the lives of their children.

How long does this process take?

It varies with each family. Some families come back occasionally for many years. Most families and children need a minimum of twelve sessions to get themselves moving in a positive direction.

Do you get involved with the legal part of getting divorced or returning to Court?

I am available to go to Court if it becomes necessary, and I will help parents to form good parenting plans if that is necessary. I am available to lawyers and mediators.

What if not all the family members are willing to come?

I will work with whomever comes. I do not need or require both parents, if that is not feasible.