About High Conflict Divorce Mediation

Are you divorced or divorcing someone with whom you do not have a successful co-parenting relationship? Was there never really a way for it to succeed? Divorce therapy is a fairly new specialty. It requires the therapist to examine far more than how their patients feel. The legal system is highly adversarial, often grossly unfair, and does not consider that a relationship that has become unfeasible is not a relationship which will support healthy co-parenting. Court personnel attempt to impress upon parents that they should get along with their ex-spouse for the sake of the children. But what if you can't get along? It is assumed that if you would just "get over the divorce" you would be able to manage a co-parenting relationship. But what if this simply isn't true?

I work with children of divorce and their parents in which the co-parenting relationship is failing. I will work with whichever parent or parents are available. I do not judge my patients. I respect my patients' souls and do not see divorce as a failure. I provide a unique blend of mediator, therapist, and coach to help families avoid the Court process, which does not respect the complexity of the family. I work with those who are in the process of divorcing, as well as those who are post judgment. My mission is to provide pragmatic, strategic advice to reduce the drama, deal with co-parents who are difficult, and get both you and your kids on a track to feeling more balanced, grounded and more at peace with your family dynamic.