Kym Crown, L.C.S.W.

My Mission

I have worked in this field for many years, and I am drawn to certain types of problems. Sometimes it is because I have experienced those problems myself and have developed deep compassion for other people going through them. And sometimes it is because the problems themselves speak to me. I provide an environment of safety, healing and privacy. I work on a neurological level and a psychological level. I provide neurofeedback and psychotherapy. I work with children and adults. Adoption, marriage and divorce are specialties. I also work with many families who are struggling with parenting issues, from birth through adulthood. I facilitate people experiencing their connections to others; that they do not have to stay stuck; that they can move their relationships forward in a positive way. I utilize a number of approaches.

Psychotherapy and neurofeedback offered by Kym Crown L.C.S. W. throughout the Litchfield, CT area. Most major insurances accepted including HUSKY.